The Actual Cost of Managing A Desktop 3D Printer


Louper – When I present my newest 3D styles to people, the main one issue they often ask me is did this charge to generate?”

My solution is generally across the traces of “I’m I’m and not sure not worried because I’m likely to make it anyway”.

It is a great question and my response is honest and correct, but I realised lately that my response simply isn’t goodenough. It’s at for this time that I received a touch upon my Beginners Series Site referring to 3D printer operating costs.

Basically may offer the main comment:

“I am researching printers and their various capabilities and features and also have found loads of providers who don’t appear to possess a hint about publishing supply charges relating to variety over a reel or weight or possibly and provide little guidance. The thing you don’t note is by this I mean energy used per hour and does it run you to perform your printer. It is impossible for me like a future company owner to place an expense on my product if the designers can’t tell me just how much power it uses. I have a kilowatt hour meter to try it but don’t have anything to check it on and that I WOn’t consider something on trust from these individuals since they’ve not been extremely helpful on all the concerns I’ve asked to date.”

To quote section of my reply:

“I’ve never resolved or tried to find out how much the electricity prices are, because I’ve amount that it’s minimal compared the other resources required, time currently being the biggest resource used in 3D printing. But I will, so perhaps I’ll produce a blog post shortly about the correct running costs of the 3D printer. I’ve not yet seen such information published and that I think people will certainly think it is interesting.”

To deal with this question I started by buying some precise kitchen scales.

This is a good start, but I then began to think about other costs like energy, equipment depreciation, application, repairs, 3D Printer Updates, consumables and of course the price of those 3D printing problems.

Exercising of owning a desktop 3D printer in the home the actual cost might be difficult as you can imagine, but I like a challenge and as far when I know, this common problem remains unanswered. Until recently that’s.

These Unacceptable Assumptions

As a Software Engineer by business, I’ve been trained not to make assumptions as they’re often wrong if we ask the right people, along with the answer can usually be observed.

However, for the purposes of answering this complicated issue of charge, I believe I have to break this rule. There are a lot of parameters involved in 3D printing that I cannot consider every circumstance, using every type of printer, every type of filament, with every setup, every electricity tariff, etc, etc.

So, what I want to do is to use a typical scenario for someone using a typical desktop FFF (Fused Filament Manufacturing) 3D printer in the home.

For your purposes of my calculations I’ll utilize a 100 gram item published in top quality PLA getting 5 hours to produce.

I have printed a couple of genuine examples of such objects, like Pumpkins and the Celtic Skulls. Both take about 5 hours to produce and remain 100 grams.

I’ll work with a MakerBot Replicator 2 printer. Simply that I have one among these myself and because they are a popular and very typical 3D printer for use at home.

As many home users already own a computer of some kind, I don’t think I will factor that in as an additional charge to 3D publishing, so we are able to believe you have a computer.

In each area as I describe each charge at length you’ll view the other assumptions I’m making. Remember that whatever setup you employ, you’ll be capable of use this as a great information from what those ‘things’ are really costing you to print, even if you use slightly different setup gear or filaments.

I won’t contain all my measurements in this essay text, before I explore certain charges, in the interests of convenience. When I live in the UK I’ll also use UK £ Sterling while the currency. Simply multiply by 1.56 (at the time of writing this) if you want to change to US dollars.

Ok lets focus on filament…

Filament Costs

Within the past cheap filaments were often of very dubious quality and were abundant. They occasionally contained toxins (also small ball bearings so I’ve noticed) and their diameter was ‘varied’ to state minimal.

Purchasing cheap filament isn’t this kind of problem nowadays but I believe lowering prices here’s false economy. To become more specific, so may your current costs… oh and should you save money on filaments your charge of unsuccessful designs will increase and your stress levels increase too.

So for my calculations I’ve obtained the typical cost of the ColorFabb and RoboSavvy filaments I use. Both are top quality and I have had no difficulties with either. For our 100-gram thing I make that…

Filament £3.42 (52.48% of total print cost)

3D Printer Depreciation

While it’s an easy someone to forget, unfortunately involves aspects and more assumptions than another the main overall formula and it’s a difficult someone to assess.

I averaged some costs for my MakerBot Replicator 2 from different areas in britain and the united states.

I created a cost of £1576 similar to What Our Printer Truly Cost in britain.

Many financial people can calculate depreciation using the assumption a machine is going to be employed for five years. I believe this is affordable to get a 3D printer.

Even though it’ll be effectively old within just that, I don’t think many home users will be pleased to place away it any earlier after this type of significant capital cost to get it.

The next prediction will vary wildly between people and is a big one. Accepting customers have a total time work too, but still love 3D printing then I’ve used an average of printing time of 2 hours per day.

This provides us a very long time of 3650 hours before we throw our printer away. I also believe this is affordable, especially if we maintain and Fix element and our 3D Printer in these costs. Yes, I’ve considered all that also as you’ll see.

You will find other equipment costs (such as a toolbox and contents) but most of these can last a very very long time creating their depreciation costs minimal. I do consider consumables .

So if our 3D printer costing £1576 includes a 3650 time lifetime and our print takes 5 hours I make that…

3D Printer Depreciation: £2.16 (33.14% of full print price)

Consumable Items

I consider consumables to become such things as orange tape, Teflon oil, acting knife blades and any products useful for completing, like dry cleaning, sanding, polishing (ie bronzeFill Filament) and artwork.

These costs per item are very small and extremely difficult to calculate, so for our purposes I’ve make use of the tiny amount of…

Consumables: £0.10 (1.53% of total print costs)

Electricity Consumption

3D printer energy consumption is a very interesting topic. This is because a lot of people are focused on how much a 3D printer charges to run and partly since the price is clearly little.

So little in fact that I exercised that the power-meter I bought specifically for this website post charge only a little less than the power using my 3D printer in it’s whole projected 5 year lifetime!

Let me elaborate.

Remember if you utilize your printer at night, at least in the UK, energy prices are significantly less at night. Need at night is significantly lower I guess here is the same in several countries and so prices plummet.

Anyway, I’ve to think that a lot of people will print within the morning as well as for our 5 hour print I make a little number of…

Electricity Usage: £0.04 (0.6% of total print costs)

Repairs and Upgrades

It’s an unfortunate fact that the precious printer will sooner or later split and often during an essential 20+ hour print.

Soon after buying the manufacturer supplied acrylic build menu that has been never smooth, perhaps to the time along with it become annoyed at the Ugly Spool Holder you bought it.

Updates and repairs can happen and with regards to the chance of the draw prices vary. For my measurements I’ve added about 10% of the purchase costs over the lifetime of my printer, that will be what I predict for myself. For the 5 time printing job that provides us to your cost of…

Repairs and Updates: £0.21 (3.15% of total print costs)

Free SoftwareThis can be a v

ery informative sub header, which answers the issue of application costs right away. Yes you should buy some super-expensive CAD packages and perhaps you’ve purchased Simplify 3D (I’ve heard it’s so good I might buy it myself).

However, the fact of the problem is the fact that Mr Standard loves ‘free’ and with software you don’t have to spend a penny. Your printer can no doubt occur with free software, you need to use 123D Hook on your 3D scans and 123D Style or Tinkercad For The 3D Designs.

What I’m trying to say is the fact that if you wish, your software costs can be…

Software: £0.00 (0% of full print prices)

The Worth of Your Time

I’m afraid this one is difficult to estimate. Just how much we value our time varies so wildly between various people in various situations.

It’s only easy if you run a company and you have a specific hourly fee to your time. It’s likely that you like 3D printing so much you’d doit for nothing, so for home consumers enable you to add it yourself if you want and I’ll need to keep that one at zero.

Simply add any design time, setup, washing and finishing time to the total charge should you desire. Not the 5 hours worth for the printing time, if you don’t want to sit watching your 3D printer do it’s issue for your time. Therefore, for the purposes we have to add…

Your Own Time: £0.00 (per cent of full printing costs)

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The 7 Pros and Cons of Cloud Storage


I had talked a lot about the awesomeness of cloud storage so far.

It seems like, there are no flaws in this kind of storage.

Today, I would like to go back to the basic which is the part where we analyze whether you should go for cloud storage.

So, what we normally do when we analyze a solution, system or a product is to learn the good and bad of it.

Let’s start with the good one.

The Pros of Cloud Storage

  1. Access anywhere.

It doesn’t matter where you are as long as you have an internet and a device capable of accessing the internet, you can access your cloud storage data.

This includes laptop, desktop and mobile devices.

I would picture this kind of scenario is like having a walking hard disk all the time with you.

  1. Reliable

Cloud storage is reliable in the sense that your data will not be gone as long as the cloud provider is still active.

Why I say so? Take a look at existing storage device.

Hard disk is probably reliable but it is not removable. So this is out of the story.

USB flash disk is small but that goes the same to the disk space as well.

External Hard Disk is bigger but a single free-fall drop to the floor, you can say good bye to your data.

Cloud computing is extremely complex behind where they have redundancy and probably even disaster recovery in place.

As a result, your data is quite reliable over there.

  1. Works great as a backup

As the risks I mentioned in point #2, other device works great as a backup device as well but when it comes to reliability, cloud storage is still the best.

If you can afford to pay and put all your data to the cloud, I can assure you that you will not face any data loss issue.

So, cloud storage is not just great as a walking hard disk, but also a great online backup to you.

  1. Save physical space

Using the cloud storage is quite eco-friendly I would say because you don’t use any physical space.

All the physical storage device will be handled by your cloud provider.

What you need to have is just an account of username and password to access the cloud.

The Cons of Cloud Storage

  1. Internet reliability

One of the disadvantages of cloud storage is that it relies on the internet connectivity.

Although it is very unlikely not to have internet these days especially in medium to big cities, but it is still a risk.

Let say you are travelling to some internet-less places and unfortunately had your laptop broken, I’m sure you will not get all your data back until you have the internet back if you rely completely on cloud storage.

  1. Security concern

Most cloud storage can be access by just a combination of username and password.

Although Dropbox offered two-factor authentication, it is very unlikely to see people using it as it is a hassle (but this is usually the case when better security is implemented).

As a result, if you had your username and password compromised, you will lose your cloud storage data as well.

You might not have it completely deleted because good cloud providers will keep a copy of your deleted data somewhere but what I concern here is data theft here.

  1. Cost

Cloud computing might be cheap in certain point of view but to afford a big amount of space, the price is going to be ridiculously high.

So, I will only say that cloud storage is cheap if the requirement is to store about 100 GB of space.

Otherwise, home user like us will still prefer to have our data hosted locally.


There are always good and bad no matter what we product we use. In the end, it is up to us to decide what is best for our own self.

I would say that cloud storage is good but we should always have a backup plan as well which is to use external hard disk storage.

This means more job such as synchronization from PC to a disk and PC to the cloud.

However, if the data is really this important, I bet you will not regret this action.

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How to Protect Your iPad

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How to Protect Your iPad

protect-your-ipadAftеr hаvіng spend, mоrе оr less, $500 оn уоur nеw iPad, уоu аlѕо ѕhоuld mаkе thе additional investment оf protecting іt appropriately. Thе selection аvаіlаblе іѕ huge, аnd ranges frоm simple screen protectors оvеr full body shields tо proper iPad cases. Thе rіght protection solution nоt оnlу helps tо kеер уоur iPad safe frоm harm, but саn аlѕо bе considered а fashion statement. But whаt іѕ thе rіght choice? Read оn аnd I talk уоu thrоugh thе dіffеrеnt iPad protection solutions аvаіlаblе оn thе market:

Screen Protector

Pеrhарѕ thе simplest solution, great іf уоu оnlу nееd tо protect уоur nеw iPad аgаіnѕt greasy finger prints аnd thе like. Thе mоrе advanced models wіll аlѕо protect thе screen аgаіnѕt scratches аnd mоrе aggressive stains. A screen protector offers close tо nо protection аgаіnѕt falls аnd bumps. Bеѕt fоr careful users, thаt wаnt tо kеер thеіr gadget good looking, but don’t put іt habitually іn аnу danger.

Full Body Shield

Thе nеxt step up, thіѕ special film protects уоur whоlе tablet computer аgаіnѕt stains аnd scratches wіthоut changing thе lооk оf іt аt all. Thе appliance оf іt саn bе а bit tricky, but thе protection achieved іѕ wеll worth thе effort.

iPad Cases

Thе mоѕt complete solution, еѕресіаllу іf уоu choose а fully rugged, rubber iPad case. Sоmе оf thеѕе cases соmе wіth а stand, tо mаkе reading аnd uѕіng іt еvеn easier, оthеrѕ wіthоut one, fоr а mоrе flat storage. Whісh type оf iPad case уоu choose depends еntіrеlу оn whеrе уоu uѕе уоur iPad mostly. If уоu tаkе іt fоr еxаmрlе оn аn archaeological dig lіkе іn Pompeii, уоu mіght wаnt tо chose а mоrе rugged variety, thаt gіvеѕ maximum protection tо уоur gadget аnd thе data recorded wіth it.

Waterproof iPad Cases

Yоu wіll nееd оnе оf these, іf уоu uѕе уоur tablet computer frequently іn moist (think rainforest) оr wet (think nеаr thе swimming-pool) environments. Alѕо practical іf уоu uѕе іt tо lооk uр recipes whіlѕt cooking, аѕ thе steam іn а kitchen саn dо real damage tо electronic equipment аnd fat аnd grease stains wоuld bе difficult tо remove frоm thе computer іtѕеlf

computer most. Choosing thе rіght оnе fоr уоur needs, avoids nоt оnlу damage tо уоur expensive equipment but mаkеѕ аlѕо ѕurе thаt іt lasts fоr а long time. Saving оn thе case, аftеr уоu hаvе spend а considerably sum оf money оn thе gadget itself, wоuld bе foolish аnd short-sighted tо ѕау thе least.



How To Change User Account Picture In Windows 7 / XP


We all like to decorate different things in our lives beautifully. When it comes to our PC, everyone wanted to have a nice desktop background. Ever wonder how can we change our account display picture?  If you created different users, and wanted to assign different display pictures for each user to represent nature of work or wanted to dedicate a funny picture to them. Some of you may not know how to change the user display pic.

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How To Change User Account Picture In Windows 7 / XP

Step 1 : Click on Start button which is located left corner of the screen. Or You can press on Windows icon on your keyboard

Step 2 : Click on the  profile picture which is at top of main menu as shown below.

Step 3 :  Select  Change your picture option from the list.You can change your account picture without the Admin’s help.

Step 4 : Now Click on the new image which you want to change.

After selecting the new image. your display image will be changed.

How To Change User Account Picture In Windows XP

Step 1 : Go to Control Panel – > Double click on User Aaccounts

Step 2 : Click on the account you want to change the picture

Step 3 : Click change the picture

Step 4 : Click Browse for More pictures and click on the new picture you want to change

Step 5 : When this picture highlighted, click change Picture.

Now you can see the new image added to your display picture

Final Words

By now, you understood How To Change / Add User Account Picture In Windows 7.

Please feel free to ask If  you have any doubts.

We all like to decorate different things in our lives beautifully. When it comes to our PC, everyone wanted to have a nice desktop background. Ever wonder how can we change our account display picture?  If you created different users, and wanted to assign different display pictures for each user to represent nature of work or wanted to dedicate a funny picture to them. Some of you may not know how to change the user display pic.


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